How to Make Your Social Storefront (FB Shop, IG Shop etc) Thrive?

eCommerce retailers were already flying high before the pandemic, but now, with brick-and-mortar stores closed and customers reluctant (or restricted) to make purchases in-store, more and more brands have made the leap to the digital space.

This dramatic increase in retailers looking towards the online space to increase their sales has forced those who are in the eCommerce space to get creative in their approach towards attracting new customers. Enter the social storefront.

What is a Social Storefront?

A social storefront is a fully functional eCommerce store that has been established within a social media platform. A social storefront follows the philosophy of go where the customers are, which is exactly what every eCommerce retailer tries to do. Since more and more people are using social media platforms than ever before, it makes sense for brands and eCommerce retailers to establish their social storefronts where they are more likely to get the most attention – on major social media platforms.

Social Storefronts on Instagram

One of the reasons why social storefronts such as a FB shop and IG Shop work is because each of these platforms have millions of users. In fact, according to a report, around 75% of Instagram users are likely to take action after looking at an ad on the platform.

As the number of users on social media platforms increases, Instagram business profiles are turning into the new homepage for many brands and entrepreneurs. Brands on the platform make good use of Instagram Ads to reach out to their target demographic, along with using Story Ads that deliver fully immersive ads for their business. Brands can also insert product links in their Instagram Stories, which is another creative way of selling.

Many entrepreneurs are also integrating Shopify’s shopping feature to improve their sales results when selling on Instagram. Making good use of hashtags and using Instagram-only promotions are other ways online retailers are getting in on some of the social media activity when it comes to improving their sales.

Facebook Shops

Facebook Shops is a feature that allows entrepreneurs and big brands to showcase their products on, you guessed it, Facebook. Retailers also get plenty of creative tools and features to play around with to customize their social storefronts, creating a single shop experience that works on Facebook and Instagram. Facebook has also gone a step further in offering free courses for those entrepreneurs and small business owners who are not too familiar with the platform and how they can take advantage of Facebook Shops.

Ending Note

By 2023, almost 91% of US consumers are going to shop online. So, it makes sense for entrepreneurs and traditional brick-and-mortar brands to take their business where their customers are – on social media platforms. The pandemic and consumer preferences continue to shape the eCommerce space, which has now broadened to include social storefronts as well.