eCommerce Branding & Custom Product Packaging

It takes just fifty milliseconds for a consumer to form an opinion on your brand. To put that into perspective, there are 60,000 milliseconds in one minute. It can also be defined as the duration of a photo flashlight. The point is, that’s a pretty short period of time for a business to make a lasting impression on consumers. Still, businesses that are creative and are able to think out of the box are able to make great first impressions that result in a loyal following. This is where branding and custom product packaging comes in.

Unbox Your Brand Strategy

More often than not, businesses get too caught up in maintaining consistency in the design of their website and marketing material but fail to realize the importance of custom product packaging. But before you start to think about your branding and custom product packaging needs, you must nail down what you aim to accomplish with your custom product packaging.

Define the Physical Specifications

Having an idea about the dimensions, shape, type of material, and weight of the packaging will help you find out the strong and weak points of the packaging. Firstly, the packaging must ensure that its contents will be safe and protected. For instance, fragile items will require packaging made from stronger material, while other products can be packaged in lighter material.

Study Competitors

Benchmarking is the first step towards branding and custom product packaging. Researching the market and knowing what the competition in your niche is using as packaging and the messages that are being sent via their custom boxes is going to help you attract the right target demographic.

Get the Graphics Right

It is okay to mess up with the graphics and structure of your packaging the first time. Before you get the design and structural aspects of the product packaging right, you will have to create many different mockups and evaluate each one until you find the packaging that fits your branding language. The graphics of your product’s packaging must convey the same message as your other marketing collateral, which is that you care for your customers.

Maintain Consistency

It is important to maintain a level of consistency between your product packing, marketing, and business website. This means using your brand’s logo and brand colors to create familiarity for your customers when they purchase a product from your brand. Using the same brand colors is a great way to offer value to customers since it tells the recipient that their product wasn’t packaged by some third-party service provider. It will also mean that you are serious about your brand, which is why you’ve added a touch of quality to your packaging.